Medford, MA Winter Storm Parking 01/19/2019

A message from CITY OF MEDFORD

Hello, This is Captain Barry Clemente with an reminder regarding winter parking restrictions.  In the event of a declared snow emergency,  there will be no parking on either side of an emergency artery.  Please refer to the City website at for a list of emergency arteries.  Also during a snow emergency, the odd/even winter parking restrictions shall be in effect on all side streets, 24 hours a day until a snow emergency is lifted.  This winter, parking will be allowed only on the even side of the street unless otherwise posted or exempted. Vehicles parked in violation will be ticketed and towed. We would need to keep the roads accessible for emergency vehicles.  In the event a snow emergency is declared, we will continue to notify you of its start time and also place a call when it is lifted.  As in past years, we appreciate everyone's patience and cooperation.

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