Medford, MA IRS Phone Scam 12/15/2018

A message from CITY OF MEDFORD

Hello, This is Acting Chief Barry Clemente with an informational message. We want to advise all residents to be aware of an increase in reported telephone scams that have taken place around the Holidays.  Residents have been receiving calls from people posing as IRS agents, telling residents that they owe money to the IRS or that they are going to be audited or even arrested. The resident is directed to purchase a Google Play Card or other similar card and then provide the number on the back of the card to the caller. The suspects then obtain the money, usually amounting to thousands of dollars. Please remember that the IRS does not place these types of calls requesting money in this manner.  Other notable scams that have been reported is a caller posing as a family member, possibly a grandson or grand-daughter stating that they need help and need money.  Most recently, we had a report of a caller posing as someone from Microsoft, stating that the resident's computer support has expired and needs to be renewed by credit card.   Never commit to send money to anyone based on a phone call or email.  We are trying to prevent you from becoming a victim.  If you have any questions, please call the Medford Police Department at 781-395-1212.

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