Social Network Quiz Safety

(Medford, MA) Social networking platforms are full of fun quizzes your friends and associates share asking you to add in your answers. News Reports have detailed how they can be corrupted or fake links to malicious actors seeking to gain info on you and your security questions used online. 

One defense to these is to fill out these quizzes with nonsensical answers. Now that you're aware of these issues you can answer the quizzes with answers that have no bearing on your real life. We typically pick secret answers which have a basis in our past or present living conditions. Instead of using the real answers to the questions answer them with things that do not have a basis in your life. 

An even better plan would be to consider the answers you give to the sites that need secret answers for you to access them. When asked for what your mothers maiden name is try substituting her middle name instead of maiden name. The name of your first pet choose a different one. High school mascot, choose your school rivals. First car? Choose the car you WISH was your first car.

Write them down and keep them in a secure location. If you take a pic or store them on your phone they can be vulnerable if your phone goes missing or is recycled. Buy a little notebook and write down the site, your login name or email used plus the password and challenge questions. This will stop the hackers ability to "social engineer" your passwords. 

Another helpful tip, annually photocopy the fronts and backs of your credit cards and ID's so if they go missing you'll have copies of them and who to contact along with numbers and security codes on them. I regularly do this on New Years Day.  I also use a micro-shredder Amazon Shredders, this keeps anything I throw out next to impossible to reconstruct, especially if you have single stream recycling. 

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