Medford, MA Discounted Rain Barrels and Compost Bins Available

Discounted Rain Barrels & Compost Bins Available this Spring!

The City of Medford is offering residents a limited opportunity to purchase compost bins and rain barrels at a significant discount again this spring. The City of Medford is partnering with the Great American Rain Barrel Company in Hyde Park, MA to offer rain barrels as part of a conservation and sustainability program.
“We are bringing Rain Barrels to residents to help manage rising water costs, save vegetation from drought conditions and help our community protect its aquifers,” says Alicia Hunt, Director of Energy & Environment, City of Medford. “We want residents to use rain barrels because they are an effective way to collect and save water.”
Residents that use a rain barrel collect as much as 1500 gallons in a season. This will save existing or new landscaping when a dry spell hits and supplement outdoor water usage, which spikes during the growing season. Rain barrels are also important to reduce runoff. Runoff from homes and developments can harm the rivers and lakes in Medford because they flood storm drains and discharge pollutants. They are chlorine free and an excellent source of water for plants and gardens.
Barrels are easily connected to the downspouts and fill quickly. The Great American Rain Barrel Company recommends one barrel for every 100 square feet garden. Multiple barrels are easily linked together for additional collection and storage.
Medford chose the Great American Rain Barrel Company because of their durability, functionality and tried and true reputation. The barrels are offered in three colors; Forest Green, Earth Brown or Nantucket Gray at the low cost of $69 – all 40% off the retail price of $119. This price includes an additional $10 savings because the town is handling the distribution.
To take advantage of this offer please visit, click on “Community Programs” and look for “Medford” or contact via email, or phone (800)251-2352. Prepaid barrels must be picked up: Medford City Hall Parking Lot, 85 George P Hassett Drive, Medford, MA 02155 from 5 to 7 pm on Wednesday, April 26th. Deadline for purchase is April 15th, 5:00pm. If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Gebelein at (800)251-2352 or email her at
The City of Medford is also offering compost bins as at a discounted price. Composting reduces the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of via incineration. Compost improves the soil, decreasing the need for chemical fertilizers when gardening and landscaping. Composting also decreases dependence on fossil fuels because food scraps will be broken down by fungi and bacteria.
The compost bins offered are the Earth Machine model by Orbis Corporation and can be purchased for a limited time through the City at $45 each (they regularly retail for $110). Each Earth Machine compost bin has an 80-gallon capacity, twist locking lid, a harvest door for easy compost removal, vertical and horizontal ventilation, is made from recycled content, BPA free and has a UV stabilizer for added resistance to deterioration from sunlight.
These compost bins can easily be ordered through Medford’s website, visit for instructions. Compost bins must be picked up behind Medford City Hall on Wednesday, May 10th from 5 to 7 pm. Deadline for purchase is April 14th, 5:00pm. If you have any questions, please contact the Medford Office of Energy and Environment at 781-393-2137 or email us at

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