Cord Cutting To Save Money

There has been alot in the news lately about people cutting their cords with cable and phone providers to save money. I've found 2 items that can save money considerably.

Note: I do not receive any compensation for these items, have no interest in their companies or any after the fact compensation. 

Cable TV Cord Cutting:
We're fortunate here in the Boston area to have relatively close proximity to the broadcast TV antennas. I decided to try an over the air antenna to save on the costs of cable tv. For this I chose the Amazon Basics Ultra Thin TV Antenna 50 Mile Range

This model features a flat antenna that you can mount to a wall or window (window works best) and 16 feet of coaxial cable and amplifier. I like the savings of Amazon Basics and their return policy. With this you can watch TV in 1080 high definition. I get about 30 channels living in Somerville. Because it's digital you will find multiple channels that you may not find with your local cable provider. 

Best reception will be if the antenna has a west ward (for me) facing position, many of the antennas are found in Needham Ma. My apartment faces east and it's inside facing a courtyard and 2 floors down from the roofline so it has an obstructed view and I still get great reception. The occasional airplane flying over head does cause some interference but better than the old days of fiddling with the "rabbit ears" antennas where touching it got you a picture but once you walked away it all went away. 

What I also liked about this was that if it didn't work I could return it to Amazon for a refund. The amplified version seems to aid in getting more channels. 

Home Phone Service Cord Cutting:

It's nice not to have to rely on my mobile phone all the time when making phone calls. Cordless house phones are cheap and have much longer talk times. It also helps when you're having a problem with your mobile phone and can't be on it to get tech support. Plus you can still check your emails while on your new house phone. 

First for this to work you must have home internet service. This technology is connected to your router via the included CAT-5 internet cord. You'll need a Google Voice number (they're free to get). Go to Google Voice and you can select what area code you want your new phone number is from. This comes in handy if you're one place but would like a local number from another. Once you have this number it has another benefit, as long as Google is in business you have a dedicated phone number that you don't have to worry about bringing with you like if you switch mobile carriers. Once you connect the Obihai box to your router and plug in the power wire all you have to do is connect your house phone (cord or cordless) and then create an account with Obihai on their site and follow the on screen instructions. It self installs. 

One great feature I like with this is you can program your new home phone to ring any other phone at the same time as your house phone. So someone can call your house phone and it'll ring on your mobile and/or your work number all at the same time. You can pay for the additional Obihai services like caller ID and speed dial but I haven't found it necessary, Google Voice provides voicemail that does a great job translating your messages. If you add the Google Voice app to your phone it'll give you visual voicemail and will text you a transcript and email you the message as well as attach a recording for remote listening. 

I upped my internet service to give me better access to Netflix and Amazon Fire TV, didn't need to for the phone service. Now I'm saving big $ over a monthly cable subscription (I subscribe to HBO GO for Game of Thrones when it's in season). I spent around $75 for antenna and Obihai box plus $20 for a cordless phone but figure I'm saving $100/month not having to pay for cable TV or home phone service. 

Hope this helps you

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