Drywall Prices Increasing 30% in 2013 - Notice Provided by J. Murray & Sons Construction

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Drywall prices increase 30%
as of January 2, 2013
As oJanuary 2, 2013 drywall manufacturers will raise their prices by 30 percent due to increasing manufacturing and transportation costs.  This price increase also effects blue-board and plaster materials. This is the second price  increase in two years and now more than doubles the price of sheetrock.
An informed customer is our best customer!
At J. Murray and Sons we believe well  informed customers are critical for quality customer service.  For example the project we quoted you last year may now be increased 30% due to these price increases.  
If you have been putting off your home improvement project because of cost, don't wait, it will only cost you more in the years to come. WE HAVE STOCKED UP ON THIS MATERIAL TO OFFER BETTER PRICES TO OUR CUSTOMERS WHICH WILL BE OFFERED ON A FIRST COME - FIRST SERVE BASIS.   IF YOU CONTACT US  TODAY WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY ON THAT SPECIAL PROJECT YOU WANTED COMPLETED IN 2013.
Our estimate are always free!  Don't wait contact us today! Mention this newsletter and we will make sure that you receive 2012 pricing!  
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**MedfordHouseBlog Disclaimer: J.Murray is NOT an paid contributor and MedfordHouseBlog et. al does NOT recieve any financial benefit from this article and/or offer. Just like to keep this clear to all.

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