Seller Tips to Sell Your Property (2 of 3)

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7. Deciding Upon a Realtor
According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 2/3 of the people surveyed who sell their own homes say they wouldn't do it again themselves. Primary reasons included setting a price, marketing handicaps, liability concerns and time constraints. When deciding upon a Realtor, consider two or three. Be as wary of quotes that are too low as those that are too high.

Evaluate each candidate carefully on the basis of their experience, qualifications, enthusiasm and personality. Be sure you choose someone that you can trust. Make sure you feel confident that they will do a good job on your behalf.

If you choose to sell on your own, you can still talk to a Realtor. Many are more than willing to help do-it-yourselfers with paperwork, contracts, etc. and should problems arise, you now have someone you can readily call upon.

8. Ensure You Have Room to Negotiate
Before settling on your asking price make sure you leave yourself enough room in which to bargain. For example, set your lowest and highest selling price. Then check your priorities to know if you'll price high to maximize your profit or price closer to market value if you want to sell quickly.

9. Appearances Do Matter - Make the Right First Impression
Appearance is so critical that is would be unwise to ignore this when selling your home. The look and "feel" of your home will generate a greater emotional response than any other factor. Prospective buyers react to what they see, hear, feel and SMELL even though you may have priced your home to sell. Consider professional services such as landscapers, home stagers and cleaning services to make sure your home shows to the best possible potential. Have your local and trusted handyman/general contractor address any items that might need some attention prior to marketing the property. Deferred maintenance is a prime item that buyers pick up on.

10. Invite the Honest Opinion of Others
The biggest mistake you can make at this point is to rel solely on your own judgement. Don't be shy about seeking the honest opinions of others.  You need to be objective about your home's good points as well as bad. Fortunately, your Realtor will be unabashed about discussing what should be done to make your home more marketable.

11. Allow Prospective Buyers to Visualize Themselves in Your Home
The last thing you want prospective buyers to feel when viewing your home is that thy may be intruding into someones life. Avoid clutter such as too many knick-knacks etc. Decorate in neutral colors, like white or beige and place a few carefully chosen items to add warmth and character. You can enhance the attractiveness of your home with a well-placed vase of flowers or potpourri in the bathroom. Home-decor magazines are great for tips. has great resources for this.

12. Deal Killer Odors - Must Go
You may not realize this but odd smells like traces of food, pets and smoking odors can kill deals quickly. If prospective buyers know you have a dog or that you smoke, they'll start being aware of odors and seeing stains that may not even exist. Don't leave any clues. Keep a consistent smell throughout the your property so competing smells don't overpower or conflict and make for a less than pleasant home viewing experience.

13. Be a Smart Seller - Disclose Everything
Smart sellers are proactive in disclosing all known defects to heir buyers. This can reduce liability and prevent law suits later on. Consult with your Realtor AND real estate attorney as to how to best address this in compliance with local laws and expectations. Many homeowners are not fully qualified to properly answer and fill out a property disclosure statement. Your attorney can best advise you on these issues due to very specific liabilities that can be established.

14. It's Better With More Prospects
When you maximize your home's marketability, you will most likely attract more than one prospective buyer. It's much better to have several buyers because they will compete with each other, a single buyer will end up competing with you.

15. Keep Emotions in Check During Negotiations
Let go of the emotions you've invested in your home. Be detached, using a business-like manner in your negotiations. You'll definitely have an advantage over those who get caught up emotionally in the situation.
RICHMOND, CA - JULY 23:  A sold sign is seen i...
Image by Getty Images via @daylife
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