Househunting tip: Do you take notes?


(Medford, MA) One thing I've noticed in having worked with home buyers. Some take notes, some do not. Often times when working with a buyers agent home buyers are given a listing sheet (how complete varies) and set off to look at properties. One recommendation I can give is to take the time while you're at the house to flip the listing sheet over & take notes on what you liked and didn't like with each property. This will prove very valuable either later in the day trying to keep each property fresh in your mind and to help avoid confusion. Also if the home was initially attractive but the price wasn't quite right for you then in the future if there's a price reduction you'll have your notes to fall back on to see with a price change if the property is now more attractive. Also reviewing these notes with your buyers agent is extremely helpful in assisting your buyers agent to select properties more to your liking.

This method is also especially helpful when a seller or listing agent is present. This way you don't have to voice your opinions as much but can write down additional questions that are of importance to you for future follow up. Questions about a stain in a ceiling or basement, other unusual items noted that way follow up can be in written form rather than strictly verbal. As a single buyer or as part of a couple, discussing important items for you or both as a couple before hand can aid greatly in narrowing down the list of potential properties. Taking notes also helps you to remember deferred maintenance that you might notice that would affect your negotiation strategy.

Try it out next time you go and look at property and keep those listing sheets for future reference with your notes.
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