Bankers & Tradesman Reporting on Housing Crunch here in Greater Boston

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Bankers & Tradesman is repoting on housing in the Greater Boston area & Massachusetts

New census statistics are giving a detailed look at how deeply the housing crunch has hit Massachusetts and how the state is becoming more diverse.

A decade ago, about 34 percent of Massachusetts homeowners were aged 25-44. By 2010, just 26 percent of homeowners were in that age group.

During the same decade the percentage of Massachusetts homeowners aged 45-64 grew from 40 to 48 percent.

The census also showed shifts in the state's racial and ethnic profile.

In 2000, whites accounted for more than 84 percent of the state's population. By 2010 whites had fallen to 80 percent of the state's population of 6.5 million.

At the same time blacks grew to 6.6 percent of the population; Hispanics were 9.6 percent, and Asians were 5.3 percent. (AP)
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