Interesting new local trend I've noticed in curb appeal

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(Medford, MA) As a real estate professional when I'm out & about I take notice of homes & their curb appeal & also list & show quite a few properties. One interesting trend I'm noticing this year that's fairly wide spread is the switch over from the "red" mulch to the "black" mulch. For years in touring homes I'd always become accoustomed to the standard "red" mulch. Over the last few months I'm noticing more and more homes with "black" mulch instead of the red.

I like how This Old House has excellent resources when it comes to questions on the home. I did a search & found the following link on colored mulch Colored Mulch. Seems it's just a bit of coloring that's added in the process. Perhaps because it hasn't been as common around here in the past but I am noticing with the right plantings and properly applied it really does make a property pop. This info might be interesting for homeowners or sellers looking for extra attention for their curb appeal.

This Old House also has a great article on all the different type of mulch Mulch Materials it's really interesting to read about all the differences and even some that are more "Green" than others and for different circumstances different materials that might work better. Ask This Old House (ATOH) also has some great refrences for those looking to learn more.

There also seems to be a trend for organic materials to be used in mulch, especially where water conservation & recycling of materials is a consideration. It'll be interesting to see how these new trends work out over the summer & into the fall here in the northeast.
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