Real Estate Search Is Now on the iPad

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My mobile real estate search application is now available for the new iPad users. This first version of the iPad is wifi only for now. A 3g Mobile iPad is coming shortly and will really expand upon the ability to not only search for properties that interest you but also give you details, GPS directions, what's currently available right around you. This is one reason why I chose Smarter Agent as my technology partner, they stay on the cutting edge of technology & allow me to offer this tool to my friends, family & clients.

Just so you don't feel left out my real estate application also works on netbooks, smartphones & regular cellphones. Any mobile device with an internet connection you can search and see details, features, pics, book an appointment to see and much, much more.

TEXT: SCOTTN to 87778 & you'll recieve a link to download my custom application to your device. It's free to download & really works well, if I do say so myself.

You can also visit my website at: to view it in action & find out more details. It's literally like having me right there in your pocket.
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