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One of the items I discussed this past weekend on my radio show was the C.L.U.E Report. CLUE stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange. CLUE personal property reports provide a 5 year history of losses associated with an individual and/or their property. Kind of like a CARFAX for homes.

Here’s a link to the Sellers Disclosure Report Page for CLUE


Only Sellers can request these reports. For real estate purposes the owners personal information is withheld for privacy & security reasons. Buyers can request the seller provide the report as part of an offer (consult with your attorney or buyers agent for specific details). At only $19.50 per address it’s quite inexpensive.

The link to request a CLUE Report is:


Where this is handy is for buyers & sellers to disclose recent claims associated with the property and a chance to show that the remedy/work has been done. This is all commonly available insurance data and can give an interested homebuyer a better idea of the property. This is also topical for homebuyers in seeing if there have been fire, structural or flood claims on a property that interests them.

From the C.L.U.E website regarding buyers & real estate agents:

Buyers and real estate agents can't obtain C.L.U.E.® Home Seller's Disclosure Reports directly, so please ask the property owner to obtain the report by directing them to http://www.choicetrust.com/. There, the home seller can obtain a Home Seller's Disclosure Report, providing a five year insurance loss history for a given address, without divulging personal and private information about the home seller. If the report for the property indicates that insurance losses have not occurred within the past five years, the buyer can feel comfortable that insurance loss history of the property should not impact the availability or pricing of Homeowners insurance. This may give your home an advantage over one where the insurance loss history is not known.

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