Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Convention - Las Vegas March 8th-11th

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Well I'm here in Las Vegas attending The Leading Real Estate Companies of the World Convention at Encore at The Wynn Hotel. This is my first time in Vegas and all I can say is WOW. This is a beautiful hotel. Looking forward to all the seminars & meeting the vendors associated with Leading Real Estate Companies.

My company Wolfson Cutler Real Estate (http://www.wolfsoncutler.com/ ) decided to associate with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (http://www.leadingre.com/ ) because of the amazing tools and programs offered for our office, agents and brokers and most importantly our clients. Leading Real Estate Companies works with the top independant real estate brokerages in the country and interntionally. It will give our clients the ability to find trusted real estate professionals wherever they're looking for properties. It also gives our listings international exposure, national exposure and more. This is in addition to the new marketing resources our new website offers that many other offices just simply don't have access to.

We're heavily interested in being agent oriented and the combination of our office website and Leading Real Estate Companies of the World assist today's tech savvy agent with developing their carreer and having the tools to compete in today's market.

Some of today's agenda include:
1. New Affiliate Meet & Greet
2. Relocation Speed Networking
3. Discussions with David Stevens, Assistant Secretary of Housing - FHA Commissioner, Guy Kawasaki - The Art of Revolutionary Innovation, Harold Crye, Kevin Breeland RESPRO Chairman
4. Mentors meeting
5. Networking Night Reception/Vendor Fair

The hotel is fully booked, there's 4000 plus rooms here, that's ALOT of people. I'll blog more on here and on Twitter www.Twitter.com/Medfordhouse as I go.
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