Almost January 2010 and still no Verizon FiOS in Medford, MA

FiOS installed in Montclair, New JerseyImage via Wikipedia
I wrote back in the spring of 2009 that there was a flurry of activity with Verizon trucks all over the city & placement of Verizon FiOS cables but now as we turn the calendar to 2010 there still is no estimate for FiOS to get switched on here in Medford.

Back in September 2009 the Medford City Council even requested for Verizon to put Medford on the fast track for FiOS service. In the spring it was rumored that by the end of the summer/early fall we might have it but it's now winter and still nothing.

No matter how you cut it, it is an expensive proposition to bring a whole new service to any city/town. Would be nice to have more options available for us Medford citizens. As a Realtor I do find buyers keenly interested in FiOS for their new property searches. We can only hope Verizon puts Medford Massachusetts on it's New Years Resolution List.

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