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Working in real estate for the past 6+ years I do tend to keep an eye on the shows that buyers & sellers watch and with the real estate boom there are alot of shows on. Most of the shows used to be fixing up a house and flipping, now they've morphed into more "Pricing Reality" type shows. Still alot of the shows are "Real Estate Porn" they gloss over alot of the important details like building codes, safety & fire codes etc.

Over the last 6 months or so I discovered a show called "Holmes on Homes" on HGTV. In my opinion it's brilliant. They have homeowners who either recently purchased or recently had a remodel/addition etc. that there's a real problem with. Most of the time the properties seem to the untrained eye to look very nice but soon after the homeowner explains the problems it becomes evident that all work done on homes is not equal. Mike Holmes comes in and reviews what's been done and then gets to work. Alot of the time the problems are aparent from his trained eyes & knowledge, others once they start digging in and demo'ing they find more serious issues.

Tonite's show was a double episode titled "Holmes Inspection 1 & 2". The homeowners had recently purchased the home and even had a home inspection and some very important issues were either overlooked or simply ignored. There was a basement bathroom where the shower didn't drain properly, musty smell & electrical problems. Only after demolition started did they find mold, carpenter ants, 18 junction boxes in 1 room, patches on patches but still not fixing the original problem and more. I think anyone considering purchasing a home should watch these 2 episodes especially. Anyone considering home renovations should also watch to see some of the problems that are hidden when non-permitted or well intentioned handyman work is done. They also found a gas line, electrical line & furnace exhaust all using the same chimney chase which had to be fixed because natual gas & electricity and furnace exhaust don't mix and to make sure the homeowners are safe and not having exhaust gases like carbon monoxide seeping into their home.

Another great topic they covered was drainage & venting of the plumbing system and how a professional plumber doing everything by code & best pratices can have things working properly. They showed how in the old days the rainwater was poured into the plumbing system and not allowed anymore. Homes up here in the northeast still have some of these features in them. They showed how a dry well is used to properly take the rainwater and get it away from the foundation. In urban areas this is very important to control your water run off from your property but to make sure your neighbors water isn't headed to your basement either.

Mike Holmes & his crew really should have a special day named for them with all the good work they do to improve the lives of those they help. You can see the relief in the homeowners faces that the misery & unplanned expenses of shoddy and sometimes illegal work is made right.

Check out the show here:

His main site Make It Right - has alot of great resources for homeowners and homebuyers to be aware of. Check it out, it's really worth it.

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