Fractal Ownership - Earth Friendly Real Estate

Earth Friendly Real Estate

Not only is fractional real estate an affordable way to own a second home, it can also be a great step in helping to reduce your impact on the environment. Because you only purchase the portion of property you use, you can avoid having a property sit empty, racking up unnecessary energy and maintenance costs. In addition, finding a shared ownership property focused on being conscious of the environment can do even more to save money and the earth.

In May of 2008, Cocotero Palm Springs, a luxury community of shared ownership residences, was recognized by Energy Star as the most energy efficient multi-family dwelling in California. Its use of state-of-the-art hydronic heating and roof-mounted air conditioning allows it to use less energy while running extremely quietly to keep your environment more serene.

At Prudential Prime Properties, we are committed to helping our clients find the right solution for their vacation home needs, whether that is a flexible and cost effective fractional ownership in a luxury resort, or an award winning, environmentally friendly condominium. After all, it is not about buying less it is about buying smarter.
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