Verizon FiOS & Property Value in Medford MA

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Medford, MA - Verizon FiOS is making big progress in it's expansion into Medford. Personally and professionally I believe having more options available when it comes to telephone, cable & internet service will benefit the community. Hopefully the competition for customers will spurr more value for residents of Medford.

One item I have found is people questioning if FiOS will improve their property value. Any advanced telecommunications equipment properly installed will be an additional value, but only to a potential buyer interested in that feature.

Sometimes during the instalation Verizon contractors remove the copper phone wires servicing the home. I would caution the homeowners & landlords to not have it removed or it might remove options available in case the current occupants choose to change their service or a future buyer preferrs a more basic service level. There usually is a form that the FiOS installers have the homeowner sign to allow them to remove the copper wires from their property. It's often overlooked and really should be strongly considered PRIOR to the removal.

If perhaps a job loss, financial difficulties or hardships were to happen the owner would have less options of services available to them without the copper wires to return to even the most basic of phone service.

In talking with others that currently have FiOS they're thrilled with the service & the company. Admittedly there are issues to be resolved and there are alot of counter points to strongly consider.

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