Medford-Wide Open House Series

I'm thinking of restarting the Medford-wide Open House Series. Here's a link to my idea, , it's met with some success.

I found it odd how some agents were enthusiastic while others were resistant, even hostile to the idea. Perhaps they didn't understand that I wasn't branding it to me or my office, or perhaps they don't like the idea of Open Houses? I don't know. I do know of a few sales that were credited to the buyers coming to the Open Houses held on the Tuesday evenings. I cannot claim all the credit though, the agents did do the lions share of the work with the properties being properly priced, and showing well. This effort can only go so far, it takes effort on the part of buyers, sellers, agents and brokers.

Here in the Greater Boston area the main multiple listing service (MLS) is MLS-PIN. They have a great feature that in my opinion is under utilized by agents. The service allows listing agents to post open houses and get word out for free to other agents, buyers/sellers subscribed to an agents MLS feed. Also depending on the brokers preference these open house postings syndicate out to sites such as,,,, and many other real estate related 3rd party sites. This costs an agent/broker $0.00. Print advertising is expensive and through the Medford-Wide Open House Series word of mouth would over time draw in buyers/sellers, FSBO (For Sale By Owner) etc. The series was deliberately set up so that any agent/broker can market/advertise as they would like.

Another cross benefit of the series is that agents/brokers can have an opportunity to pre-view listings they might miss on sunday's. A great time for office caravans. Ideally this effort would become self-sustaining with agent/brokers, FSBO.

I especially look forward to readers opinions on this, to be continued.......


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