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Medford, MA Affordable Housing Opportunities November 2019

Good Afternoon,
Medford Community Housing current has availability for a 3 bedroom affordable rental funded under the HOME program and is accepting applications for a 2 bedroom affordable apartment.  Per the requirements of our Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan, we are reaching out to your organization in order to get the word out and provide the opportunity to eligible families.  I have attached a copy of our correspondence, the advertisement and the rental application for distribution at your discretion.
If you have any questions please call 508-314-0409 or email at
Please See The Attached Documents 123
RE: Affordable Rental Opportunities 705 - 707 Fellsway West, Medford
To Whom It May Concern,
Medford Community Housing, Inc. currently has an immediate availability for an affordable three-bedroom apartment located in Medford, MA and a waitlist opening for a two-bedroom apartment, both funded under the HOME program.
Eligible applicants will be given prio…

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