Medford, MA Recent Increase in Night Time Housebreaks 11/01/2018

A message from CITY OF MEDFORD

Hello, this is Captain Barry Clemente with an informational message.  We have seen a recent increase in night time house breaks in various parts of the city.  A commonality we have seen is that the majority of these breaks are occurring in the night time between 8pm and 10pm, entry is generally made through a rear unlocked door, and most of the victims have been elderly.  Purses, cash, and jewelry have been taken.  Homeowners and residents have reported to have been home during these incidents and often do not realize a break has occurred until the purse and/or items are discovered missing at a later time.
Detectives are currently working these cases and uniformed Patrol is aware as well.  We ask that homeowners be vigilant in locking doors and any possible points of entry, even when they are home.  For those of you who have elderly parents living alone please be sure to make them aware of this as well.
If anyone has any information on these incidents please feel free to call MPD Detectives at 781-391-6767 or you can leave an anonymous tip using Tip 411.  Instructions on how to use the program or app are located on our Department website

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