New SimpliSafe 2018

(Somerville, MA) New SimpliSafe 2018
I got the New SimpliSafe this year. It's their latest system. Just released in January 2018. It communicates wirelessly to the sensors and wirelessly with the monitoring network. The new model features the addition of Wifi to the cellular connection. Thought I'd describe what I got and how they work. Let's start by taking a look at the system and the unboxing. So here we go. 

SimpliSafe is a DIY home security system. You buy the pieces either a la carte or they have some pre-packaged systems. This way you only buy what you need. I live in a 1 bedroom apartment so this is what I got. 1 Base Station, 1 Keypad, 1 Freeze Sensor, 1 Motion Detector, 1 Glassbreak Sensor, 2 Water Sensors, 1 Key Fob and 6 Entry Sensors as well as 1 SimpliCam.
Also Available: Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector (coming soon)
Coming Soon: Outdoor Camera, Doorbell, and Door Locks

The unboxing. They did a great job with the box, making it nice how it's branded and all the pieces fit inside it. Well protected with a nice feel to it. 

Each component comes in its own well labeled box. 

The Base Station, communicates with the sensors and the monitoring network via cellular, wifi and wireless. I chose the Verizon Wireless module due to my locations challenging cellular coverage.  Also available is a communications module that uses T-Mobile GSM Network. This works in addition to the Wifi to communicate with the network. There is no extra charge for the cellular connection. This is part of the service. It also has nothing to do with my own mobile phone or carrier. It connects to the 2.4 Ghz side of my Comcast Wifi in parallel with the cellular connection. 

It is powered by household A/C power but also has 4 AA NiMh batteries as backup. They are said to last up to 24 hours. 

It looks alot like the Amazon Alexa. I chose Obsidian (Black), there is also available White to suit whatever your home decor is. 

The Base Station has a very pleasant female voice, similar to Alexa, just she doesn't have a name.

They also include this great, sturdy yard sign. I won't need it at my house because it's an apartment but this shows real quality. 

I chose the Auxiliary Siren, it's 105 db loud. It's comparable to a helicopter taking off or the front row of a rock concert.

Here is the Auxiliary Siren, it only comes in white. It uses Command Strips to adhere to the wall. It runs on 4 AA batteries that are said to last about 8 - 12 months.

This is the Keypad. It runs on 4 AA batteries as well. Battery life is claimed to be 8 - 12 months depending on use. 

I chose Obsidian (Black) for my Keypad. Also available in White. It's also illuminated both the display and the Keys. Only the keys that can be used during whatever you are pushing will be illuminated. You use this to add/remove hardware, program sensors and name them as well as set up Wifi. You enter the letters just like old school texting. 

You get enhanced range with the New SimpliSafe. The sensors communicate with the Base Station via radio frequencies in the 300 - 400 Mhz ranges. You can set Home, Away, Panic and Off. You also can specify the Panic Button on the Keypad to specially alert call for Police, Fire, Medical. You can turn on and off the system from the Keypad, App (with interactive monitoring plan) or Key Fob. You can program up to 4 sub PIN's in addition to the Master PIN. 

This is the Freeze Sensor. You can set it to trigger an alert or alarm if temperatures drop below a user specified temperature. There is also the ability to set a high temperature that will alert or alarm if temp exceeds a certain user set temp.

The Freeze Sensor is nice in that I can check my homes temperature from the app. 

This is the Glassbreak Sensor. It covers a bank of windows up to 20' away. It is specially tuned to recognize the unique sound of an instrument breaking glass rather than just the sound of a dropped glass. 

It comes in white to blend into many walls. It is also angled in the back to better accommodate corner placement. Adheres by command tape. 

The Motion Sensor senses heat. It has a minimum threshold of 50 lbs. to limit false alarms from pets. It's programmable to one of 3 ranges. 10-15', 25-30', 40-45'

It comes in white and the back side is angled to allow for placement in corners. When the alarm is set in away mode the Motion Sensor is armed. Initially upon arming it goes into a 2 minute survey of what it sees to get a base level of the heat signature of a room. It's not tied to motion per say but to avoid being set off by blowing drapes, birds outside or small pets. For people with larger pets it's suggested to place the sensor 4 to 5' off the ground and upside down to eliminate it picking up the pets on the floor. The sensor normally looks out the set distance and down at a 45 degree angle. When reversed it looks out and UP at a 45 degree angle. So it's adaptable to many different homes and pets. 

These are the water sensors. They have 6 little sensors under them. Their housing elevates the sensors off the floor slightly to avoid touching damp floors but to alarm upon as little as 2 sensors coming in contact with water. This eliminates when other water sensors are put on porous surfaces like concrete which can be damp because they are not completely impervious to water. 

I placed mine in my laundry area & outside the shower and hot water heater areas. The most likely areas where a water leak can occur. It also will hopefully make sure my neighbors below me don't get flooded out. 

This is the Key Fob, it can be used to arm or disarm the system. It has a Home, Away and Off button as well as a Panic Button. It only works within range of the Base Station. It's handy because with it you don't have to enter your PIN to arm or disarm your system. 

The Key Fob. I chose Obsidian (Black), I'm told White is coming possibly. It's nice and thin and easy to keep in your pocket. The loop attached is elastic so easier to attach to a key ring. 

Entry Sensors. 2 pieces. They can be installed up to 2" apart. They trigger when moved more than 1.5". They flash 1x when separated and 2x when re-joined. I have them on my doors and windows. 

The New SimpliSafe has smaller entry sensors. I'm told it makes them easier to place on different types of windows and doors while accommodating trim and other woodwork. This is the closest I could get them all. The magnets kept repelling each other and making them slide away from each other.

The Indoor SimpliCam. The system supports up to 4 cameras. They are 720p cameras and have a motion sensor as well as night vision built in. They can be purchased as a standalone camera system or integrated into the security system. You can view them through the app or online. The interactive monitoring plan allows up to 4 cameras and recordings are held for 30 days or can be downloaded and saved. 

The SimpliCam comes with 10' of flat wire for power. It uses a mobile phone type charging block and micro-usb and USB connections. It also is built with a metal stand/frame. It connects wirelessly to the internet for viewing either live on your phone/web via the app. Recording is available either part of the Interactive Monitoring Plan or individually via Camera plan.

The paperwork on how to install & set up the SimpliCam.

The SimpliSafe system is operable fully independently or monitored by SimpliSafe. The stand alone ability works well for some people who want a security system but don't need or want additional expense. There are 2 monitoring plans available. The base plan is $14.99/mo. That is 24/7 monitoring, web interface for adjusting the system and logging. There is also the ability to add a camera monitoring plan for $5 each per month. After the 2nd camera then you get automatically upgraded to the $24.99/mo interactive plan which supports up to 4 cameras. With the interactive you also get full access to your system via the app and web. You can arm and disarm the system via the app and you also get the ability to set up push notifications, sms and email notifications. You can also set each sensor to secret alert to notify you if a sensor is triggered even in Off Mode without triggering the whole system. The system communicates via cellular or wifi, whichever has the stronger connection. The communications between the Base Station and Network are encrypted and the between the Base Station and Sensors. RF Jamming is monitored for and logged. Batteries in sensors outside the AA batteries in the Keypad are said to last 3-5 years. The NiMh batteries in the Base Station are said to last 5-8 years. The New SimpliSafe has the ability to have updates pushed to it from the company to address security threats as they arise over time.

**Disclosure, I currently work for SimpliSafe as of 3/10/18. I am not advertising the system. Employees are given a system for free. We are not commissioned employees. I just wanted to add this part. As anyone who has been following my blog for these years. I just wouldn't want anyone to think I was trying to sell systems or anything. This is for informational purposes only. Claims should be independently verified. See for all warranty and representations.

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