Arctic Blast Can Cause Nest Thermostat Malfunction

Reporting by: CBS Local

Arctic Blast Can Cause Nest Thermostat Malfunction: A software glitch causes the smart thermostat to short circuit.

Seems there is an issue with some heating systems and how they interface with the thermostats. Customer service is said to be able to guide users how to temporarily remedy but an electrician or heating contractor may be required to add a common wire to solve. Costs are reported to be around $100.00.

With temperatures below zero it's vitally important to check on thermostats and to make sure they are set to a safe minimum temperature to make sure water pipes do not burst. Reach out to tenants and the elderly/disabled to make sure their heat is working properly, even if they do not have a NEST thermostat. Make sure snow and ice are clear from exhaust vents from the furnace and/or hot water heater.

Check to make sure smoke & carbon monoxide detectors are working. Be careful if temporary heaters, space heaters, auxiliary heaters are being used properly and not overloading outlets and are away from combustible materials. Learn the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

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