Medford Preliminary Election

(Medford, MA)
A message from CITY OF MEDFORD

Hello this Captain Barry Clemente with an Election Advisory Notice.

On Tuesday September 12, 2017, there will be a City of Medford Preliminary Election for the Office of City Council only. The Office of the Mayor and School Committee will not be on the ballot.

The Polls will be open at 7:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM

If you’re unsure about your polling location please go to the City of Medford website at

If you are voting at any of the Medford Public Schools and Tufts University Gantcher Center, please be aware that schools will be in session and parking could be limited. Try to avoid peak traffic hours before and after the schools opening and closing.

For further information, contact the Election Office at 781-393-2491.

Polling Locations

Ward 1-Precinct -1
Andrews Middle School
3000 Mystic Vly. Pky (near Hormel Stadium)
(Gymnasium left side door entrance)

Ward 1-Precinct 2
Fire Fighter’s Club
340 Salem Street

Ward 2-Precinct 1
St. Francis Parish Center
441 Fellsway West (St. Clare Rd and Fulton St. entrance)

Ward 2-Precinct 2
Roberts Elementary School
35 Court Street (Tainter St., side door entrance – Parent Teacher Conference Room)

Ward 3-Precinct 1
Lawrence Memorial Hospital
170 Governors Avenue

Ward 3-Precinct 2
Temple Shalom
475 Winthrop Street

Ward 4-Precinct 1
Tufts University
Gantcher Center Rear, 161 College Avenue

Ward 4-Precinct 2
Walkling Court, Fondacaro Center, 22 Walkling Court, off Auburn and North Streets

Ward 5-Precinct 1
Columbus Elementary School
37 Hicks Avenue (off Main Street) – Classroom 113 (Kindergarden Room)

Ward 5-Precinct 2
Columbus Elementary School
37 Hicks Avenue (off Main Street) – Classroom 113 (Kindergarden Room)

Ward 6-Precinct 1
West Medford Fire Station, 26 Harvard Avenue, (parking limited)

Ward 6-Precinct 2
Brooks Elementary School, 388 High Street
(Auburn Street entrance, Conference Room)

Ward 7-Precinct 1
Mystic Valley Towers, Mystic Place, 3600 Mystic Valley Parkway, North Building Main Entrance (by Hormel Stadium)

Ward 7-Precinct 2
McGlynn K-8 Public School
3004 Mystic Valley Parkway (by Hormel Stadium) – Auditorium-Center Door Auditorium entrance

Ward 8-Precinct 1
Senior Center
101 Riverside Avenue

Ward 8-Precinct 2
114 Mystic Avenue

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