Real Estate Prices vs. Super Bowl Appearances - Provided by Market Leader

As most knowledgeable football fans probably noticed, three of the NFL’s most successful teams – the Green Bay Packers, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Dallas Cowboys – are notably absent . They were omitted because of their home cities’ relatively low real estate prices. The highest median home price between these three cities, $135,600 in Dallas, is still around $80,000 below the national median home price!
Football fans in Seattle and New York, cities with astronomical real estate prices, should also be quick to point out that the correlation doesn’t exist. If high real estate prices really did guarantee Super Bowl appearances, teams like the Seahawks and the Jets would have excellent chances of going to The Big Game each season!
Oh well, the Market Leader blog staff had fun thinking that we were on to something there. We hope you enjoyed reading this graphic and post as much as we enjoyed putting it together!
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Super Bowl Appearances vs. Real Estate Prices
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