Will FiOS Be Coming to Medford in 2012? Sure Looks Like It

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(Medford, MA) I've been writing about Verizon FiOS and it's arrival here in Medford for several years now. Over the last few weeks I've been hearing more and more chatter that 2012 will be the year we finally get FiOS here. For many years Comcast has been our exclusive wire cable provider. Verizon at great expense has already wired much of the city and used some high tech methods to do it. Evidently negotiations between Verizon and the city had been at a stalemate. Tonite when I checked out the availability of FiOS for my neighborhood I didn't get the usual screens saying to check back and/or leave my info for further follow up when it does become available.

When I take the new web page availability along with the chatter I've heard from several different people I am really hoping that 2012 will be the year that FiOS makes it's debut here. Frequently in the past buyers have asked about FiOS availability in Medford when coming from other communities. Many take it as a sign of a communities affluence and desirability. Hopefully the increase in competition will also mean better value for the citizens of Medford along with increased options for business.

With over 22K households and the level of interest it should mean for quite a few hookups to be made. Should keep the Verizon crews busy for a while if even 10% of households sign up. It'll be another attractive feature our city has to offer and hopefully add to the value of our community as well as desirability compared to our neighboring communities.
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