Having The President of The United States as a Neighbor

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(Massachusetts) With Mitt Romney's win in Florida I thought about something. We potentially have The President of the United States of America living in our area. Living in the Belmont Hill section of nearby Belmont, MA. I wonder what traffic will be like if he were to win. Certainly the neighborhood would become the safest in the state if not the country. Belmont Hill is a very nice section of Belmont which in and of it's self is an upscale town. Now granted his current home is by far not small there will be major changes to come if he does become the Republican candidate let alone POTUS. The US Secret Service I'm sure will have alot of work to do to secure not only the residence but also the grounds as well as the street, neighborhood as well as the neighbors. Quite a few vehicles are involved when our President travels anywhere, lots of official traffic as well as law enforcement presence will be encamped in and around Belmont Hill.

I had read previously a news story of a family that lived next door to President Obama's Chicago home and how that changed their lives as well as their neighborhood. The story was interesting to me because they had attempted to sell their home and all the additional challenges that went into showing the house even. Not only do buyers have to be very well qualified but they also have to pass a Secret Service investigation, I'm sure the real estate professionals had to go through the same and even more scrutiny. You can read about it in this link HERE. Imagine trying to have a family or holiday gathering where you have to have your guest list scrutinized by the Secret Service. All of a sudden sitting Aunt Ruth next to Cousin Jane doesn't seem like such a hassle. Although if you have teen aged children you don't have to worry about parties at your home if you go out of town or sneaking in or out after curfew lol.

Belmont Hill has some very convenient cut through's to get between Medford and cities like Waltham etc. due to traffic on Rt. 60, hopefully that wouldn't be too interfered with, especially for rush hours. Interesting times are upon us here in Greater Boston. I'm neither pro-Romney or anti-Romney in writing this, just an interesting thought that occurred to me.   
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