Medford MA Comprehensive Recycling Guide 2012

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(Medford, MA) The city of Medford MA along with Waste Management have produced a very thorough and detailed guide to recycling for the 2012 year. It also contains the benefits the program has so far produced for the city. It's downloadable from the city website or direct link here . It really describes the program very well and in alot of detail along with other programs on yard waste and holiday collections as well. One part of the program that is overlooked by many is the use of overflow bags available for $9.99 for 5 bags. These special trash bags can be picked up at Medford City Hall or at stores located in Medford. This helps out alot of people who occasionally overflow their barrel rather than renting a whole second barrel. Kudos on the guide, it answers alot of questions that many have had.
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