Medford, MA Yard Waste Recycling Schedule - Hope it lasts long enough

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(Medford, MA) The City of Medford, MA will be doing yard waste recycling & collection on the following weeks. It can be found here on the City of Medford's website here. In recent years though I'm finding that the leaves aren't falling completely off the trees until early to mid December. Hopefully we'll either be lucky this year or that Waste Management and The City will accomodate the late leaf fall. Here at my house we routinely have 60+ bags of leaves to be picked up during this season. Not easy to schedule the raking of the leaves to coincide with the pick up schedule especially if the pick up day is rainy and don't want to make a mess of the streets.

I'm quite glad that the city collects all the yard waste they do and they generally do a great job of it, just wish that there were a few extra days/weeks for the program, especially with the new curbside recycling program that we're part of.
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