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(Medford, MA) One of the questions we as real estate professionals get is to recommend a good mover for either our buyers or sellers. This question is one that can make even the best real estate professional sweat. We put alot on the line when we recommend or advise the use of a vendor or contractor. We strive to make the sales & purchase process go as smoothly as possible. Having knowledgeable vendors & contractors at our fingertips is very important.

One site I like to send to my clients is Moving they have alot of info there for buyers and sellers to be aware of to make sure to cover with their movers that they might not have thought to ask or to cover any special situations they might personally have. We all want to get the best job for the lowest price especially when it comes to moving your life's belongings around. I also like how they have a forum discussing different companies good & bad points.

Probably one of the biggest issues I've actually encountered personally is once all my belongings are loaded suddenly there are surprise charges that have to be paid before I can get my things delivered. Moving has some great checklists of items & issues to ask to avoid as many less than pleasant experiences with your moving company.

Worth a read by buyers, sellers, tenants, parents, students and sooo many more, moving can be a very stressful time, hopefully the site helps you avoid as much stress as possible.
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