Interested in HUD/Govt. Housing in and around Medford, MA?

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(Medford, MA) Alot of buyers have been expressing an interest in HUD/Govt. housing in and around Medford, MA as well as the Greater Boston Area. Wolfson Cutler Real Estate here in Medford is a HUD authorized broker. Our agents and office have access to HUD and Govt. owned properties.

HUD properties are listed at : there is also a very informative guide for buyers interested in these types of properties. has alot of great info on the whole buying process, what's involved, timeframes, qualification etc.

Housing and Urban Development ( HUD) properties are homes for sale that were originally financed with US Government loans and either defaulted or were given up and are being re-marketed for new owners. Buyers that intend to occupy these homes as their primary residence are given preference over investors.

A HUD authorized broker can assist buyers with access & processing their purchase.
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