Home Contractors Part 1

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(Medford, MA) As a real estate professional I frequently get requests for contractors I've worked with or can recommend. As a professional it's tough, because I'm putting my reputation on the line when I suggest someone. I frequently say to non clients to look at the Better Business Bureau, sites like Angies List etc. Yes I do have a list of my own, of contractors I've worked closely with that meet my level of customer service & professionalism that I feel safe with using on a professional basis. But that is only for clients I am working with.

I always say to anyone looking for a contractor to ask friends, family colleagues or other trusted people in their life to ask for a recommendation for a contractor they've recently used and been happy with. There's an implied level of trust with those types of connections due to a desire for expanded/continued service. The contractors/vendors I recommend all work on the same basis but I always disclose I DO NOT EVER RECIEVE ANYTHING IN RETURN FOR MY REFERRAL from any contractor I suggest.
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