End of the World Coming Saturday? What would you do?

A roast beef sandwichImage via Wikipedia(Medford, MA) Some say that the end of the world is coming this weekend. Don't know that I'll be drastically changing my life just yet. If it was going to end I can think of a few things here around Medford that I'd love to do:

1. B-boy sandwich from Jim's Market in the Fulton Heights
2. Sub on braided roll from Bob's Market in South Medford - my favorite is steak and cheese with peperoni
3. Roast Beef sandwich from Alamo in Medford Square
4. A Meffa panini from Ronnies Place in Haines Square
5. A number 20 plate from Mei Lings in Haines Square
6. A pizza from Alfredo's Italian Kitchen
7. In a perfect world Hungry Herb's would still be around and I'd have his awesome Cajun Fries & Tips
8. A swim in Wright's Pond & Tufts Pool for old times sake
9. A fine dinner at Salvatores in Medford Square & also one over in Somerville at Vinny's at Night, love italian food.
10. Visit the tower overlooking Roosevelt Circle to see all over Medford.
11. Enjoy a sundae from Colleens in Medford Square

With all that to eat I think I'd be prepared to meet my maker lol, so many fond memories over the years dining around Medford and things to do and places to visit. That would be a great time & way to spend with friends & family. With next week my neighborhoods reycling week guess I don't have to worry about sorting trash LOL. I was born & raised here in Medford, so many great things to do here.

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