Snow Emergency & Safety Tip

Carbon monoxideImage via Wikipedia(Medford, MA) - Well it's another Friday here in Medford and we have another snow emergency. Fortunately it was a light & fluffy snow but it looks to be about 7-8" of snow we received. With all the snow accumulations the  City of Medford sent out a really great notice on safety, here's the note:

A message from CITY OF MEDFORD
Hello, This is Captain Barry Clemente of the Medford Police Department with an informational message.  Any residents  that have direct vent heating equipment and/or direct vent water heating equipment should make sure the vents are free from snow or snow drifts.  This will prevent any carbon monoxide from building up.  Thank-you.

That's a really important item to keep in mind. Newer construction or remodeled heating & hot water systems don't always use the chimneys that are typical of our historic homes. Make sure to check on loved ones, the sick & elderly neighbors to make sure they're cleared out & safe.

Check to make sure your carbon monoxide detectors are powered up & working on all living levels of your home and within 10 feet of the bedrooms. Here's a great link from The Centers For Disease Control on the effects of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning CDC Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
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