iPhone coming to Verizon & Why I'd Wait

A photo of an iPhone 4.Image via WikipediaWell it's all over the news that Verizon Wireless & Apple will be announcing the release of the iPhone tomorrow at a press event in New York City. So many people are excited about this new phone for Verizon Wireless Customers. I do have excitement for this to finally get released after months & months of speculation but I do have a few concerns.

1. The version of the iPhone is still last years iPhone 4 model. iPhone Model 5 is expected soon & if you upgrade immediately with the changes Verizon Wireless made to their "New Every 2" plan you won't have the option of dumping the version 4 phone for the version 5 until well into your 2nd year of ownership. And even then iPhone 6 will then be in the works. Kind of a Catch-22. Another issue is that the Verizon Wireless iPhone will be a 3G machine and with 4G looming I'd be excited to see what a 4G iPhone could do. That alone would be something to seriously consider.

2. Smartphone users tend to be heavy data users & even though the iPhone for VZW will offer unlimited data plan what happens if this changes in the future to a tiered plan. How much these tiers would cost and what cost for overages should be a concern. There's talk in the wireless industry of trying to move ALL smartphone users to tiered plans with the explosion of smartphone use & data use over phone use.

3. First releases of any technology have a tendency to have quirks & bugs that need to get worked out. If you simply must have the phone, you'll need to have patience for the software to get perfected & any glitches worked out as well as updates. Most early adapters of any technology are a bit more savvyy than average. Might also be worth waiting 3-6 months to see what the pricing will be then if you can wait. Apple has a habit of dropping the prices on their phones after a few months once the flow of phones gets up to speed.

Now don't get me wrong, Apple makes wonderful products. They have become the benchmark against which all other smartphones are measured. Their protected environment of applications and their user experience are top notch. It'll be exciting to see how this will raise the bar for all the smartphone manufacturers & service providers. Hopefully the extra competition will push them to the benefit of all consumers.

I'm going to be sticking with my BlackBerry for a while, I've used the iPhones (not VZW yet) and loved them, but I do like the added security that BB offers for me. To all those Android users out there I do enjoy them too just that certain models are better suited for certain people than others.
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