Protecting yourself in 2011

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Well with the end of 2010 here & the beginning of 2011 upon us take a few moments to do the following:

1. Review & change your passwords for websites that you use. Recently several major websites had break ins to their computer records & customer data was stolen (McDonalds, TJXTJ Maxx & others). This will stop anyone who might have access to a public computer you used or might have intercepted your password or have access to your data through a sharing site like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc.

2. Photocopy the front & back of your ID as well as your credit cards & other important documents. The numbers on them and also who to contact will be of great assistance if they’re lost or stolen.

3. You're legally entitled to a credit report annually free of charge from each of the major credit reporting agencies, request a copy quarterly from a different company to make sure your credit report is as accurate as possible. Just make sure when you request the info it's not for a paid service for $$, some sites offer this "free" if you sign up for their service. Go to Credit Report Free Site to request all 3 at once or find info on where to go for the individual reporting companies.

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