Single Stream Recycling Starts in Medford, MA - Record Your Barrels

(Medford, MA) Single Stream Recycling started here in Medford today. We all have our big green barrels delivered over the last few weeks by Waste Management. Just a reminder to all, with them all looking the same make sure to mark your barrels with your house or unit number & also look on the barrels & record the serial numbers on them. This way you'll be able to identify your barrels if they get blown down the street in the winter or hopefully no one would steal them. This way you can request a replacement & give them the numbers of the missing barrel. I suggest taking a good digital picture of the serial number, it's quick and easy to keep this record.

The city sent out flyers over the last 2 weeks describing the program. Further info is available on the city website at City of Medford - Single Stream Recycling it describes what is to be recycled etc. I didn't get to see the special trash trucks with the arms to take in the trash looking forward to seeing it tomorrow morning when they do my street. Here's a great video of it also from the City of Medford Website Automated Trash - Recycling Video.

It'll be interesting to see how this works out especially with the winter coming but it's been successful I'm told in other communitites.
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