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(Medford, MA) I launched my own real estate mobile application for smartphones/iPad/cellphones. If you're looking for real estate in the Greater Boston area you can have all the listings from the MLS right on your phone anytime you'd like. It's a free download to your mobile device. TEXT: SCOTTN to 87778 or you can also visit - Mobile and see detailed info. It'll work on any internet connected device. No need to download branded apps, it works on all currently available platforms and more are coming as they come to market.

Here's a brief video of how it works:

I chose to partner with Smarter Agent because they are the pioneers in the business of mobile real estate. Their platform works amazingly well across a huge spectrum of phones & devices. I love technology & it's application to real estate but I realize that most of my clients just want an application that's easy to use and works every time. Smarter Agent delivers just this.

With the holiday season coming up inevitably when visiting friends & family the talk gets around to real estate. Now when someone asks "How much is that house around the corner?" All I have to do is turn to my mobile real estate application and I can not only tell them but I can show them pics & features. Nice as a Realtor to have this but also many of my clients like it too when they're out and about & want info on a house they see for sale anytime, day or nite, weekdays/weekends, holiday or not.

Feel free to download the application and check it out :)

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