Medford, MA Single Stream Recycling Delayed Until Nov. 1st, 2010

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(Medford, MA) According to reports by The Medford Transcript Single Stream Recycling Delayed - Medford Transcript today announced that the cities plan to go to single stream recycling is being postponed from October 01, 2010 to November 01, 2010. Citing logistical problems the city was unable to meet the Oct. 1st scheduled start. I recently did a radio show segment on this issue Single Stream Recycling - Real Estate Talk with Scott Nelson on my weekly internet radio show.

Considering there are over 15,000 homes here in Medford it's no small task to get all the appropriate containers to each property. Evidently each property will recieve a 96 gallon container & a 64 gallon container. The larger one is for recyclables and the smaller for household trash. Each container will be bar coded to each property to prevent theft or in the case of loss. Pretty smart in my opinion.

According to the story the city will be educating the citizens of Medford over the next month via the city website , TV, automated phone calls & billboards in addition to contact at city hall.

Lots to do to get this program up & running, it'll be interesting to see as it develops....
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