HGTV's My First Place - filming tomorrow in Greater Boston

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(Greater Boston, MA) Well as some of you know my buyers were selected to be on the HGTV show "My First Place" .Tomorrow Sunday July 11th, 2010 we'll be filming somewhere in the Greater Boston Area. I'm not allowed to disclose too much info so you'll have to excuse my air of mystery.

The show features first time home buyers and their search for, offer on, negotiations, home inspection and closing on their first home purchase. I work with alot of first time home-buyers and it's something that I really enjoy. There's a look of excitement, nervousness, fear & joy that first time home-buyers exude.

The show requests that we identify 2-3 properties that my buyers are quite interested in and film them as they go through the exploration & selection of which property meets their needs/wants/desires/finances best. It's not an easy task to do this and I give the production people alot of credit for all they do in scheduling this type of show. Properties go under-agreement, restrictions on filming a show, sellers not wanting to be on the show etc. are just some of the issues to address.

Ultimately we identified several properties & selected a few (sorry for being so vague) to film at. I won't be broadcasting my usual locations via FourSquare/Facebook/Verizon tomorrow, so you'll have to tune in to watch the show and see how everything goes. I'll find out what I can say and what I can't. I can say it's been a very exciting 2 weeks so far and a few more to go.
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