The Apple iPad and Real Estate and why I'm waiting

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The Apple iPad and Real Estate and why I’m waiting

The Apple iPad was released this past weekend and I have to say it’s phenomenal. It takes the best of what I love about my iPod nano and my mobile phone and put it into 1 great piece of hardware. Now as most of you know who read my blog I love technology, especially how it relates to real estate.

I did not buy the first iPad to the market for a few reasons, I’ll discuss them now:

1. Lack of mobile internet access

The new release does not have a true mobile 3g interface. This is VERY important to me working in real estate. I want the ability to search the MLS/Internet from the iPad anywhere I am. Most times it would be on the site of a listing or a showing I’m at and having the ability to access the full MLS via the web would be hugely beneficial.

2. Lack of flash support

The current iPad lacks flash so some if not a lot of the virtual tours, housing showcases and applications currently available might not or will not work.

3. Lack of access to some documents

I won’t be able to access some documents I currently use in my real estate practice until more vendors adopt an iPad friendly environment.

4. Apple’s application restrictions

Apple currently has an unknown approval process for applications. Real estate should be pretty safe but what if what Apple decides is appropriate is in conflict with what I choose to access and possibly share.

5. Having to be tied to AT&T Wireless

I’m not a huge fan of the coverage of AT&T’s web browsing with 3g connectivity here in the Greater Boston Area. There are currently quite a few “dead spots” I’ve found and others have mentioned to me. (I know this may get me some wrath), but Verizon does have better coverage here in the Greater Boston Area. If there could be a Verizon option or AT&T enhances its coverage by a large margin I will immediately reconsider. *As a note of disclosure I am currently a VERIZON WIRELESS subscriber with a BlackBerry Storm 1 with an unlimited plan for EVERYTHING, so $$$ is NOT an issue (I also haven’t upgraded to the lower price plan for those who might snicker)

6. Lack of MiFi access

If I’m going to spend $xxx.00 per month I’d like to have the option of connecting several mobile devices like the Palm Pre does. At the very least I want the ability to connect a printer, phone and browser together.

7. Lack of non-Apple approved peripherals

Concerned about the lack of “approved” Apple connections and also their relationship with current real estate related tools.

The Apple iPad had so much potential to deliver rich content & data for today’s real estate professionals

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