Mortgage/Financing Alert - Something to keep in mind

One of the great parts of having some of the best professionals as friends is that they send out alot of useful advice. Elisa Balboni of Mid-Island Mortgage just alerted me to an alert:

Hello, hello!!!!

Just a heads up. I just got word and wanted to pass it along.

FHA is/may be requiring any deals in the following counties to be reinspected before closing due to the recent floods.


Elisa Balboni

Mortgage Consultant
Mid-Island Mortgage Corp.
400 West Cummings Park ~ Suite 5800
Woburn, MA 01801
O: 781.722.1713
F: 781.935.4084
C: 508.317.2198

Very important to be aware of & be prepared for. Hopefully everyone made it through the storms as best possible. I know alot of families were really impacted with all the rain & flooding.
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