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REALTOR® Magazine-Daily News-Find Love Where You Live

Find Love Where You Live

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here are four rules for finding romance in an apartment or condo.

1. Attend business meetings and don’t skip mixers. Stay until the last cookie and glass of punch is served. Building issues make great topics of conversation.

2. The two best places to meet are the laundry room and pool. Two things to remember: Don’t fold your undies while chatting and always bring some sunscreen to share.

3. An informal invite to dinner at the restaurant around the corner is convenient and no matter how things turn out, you’re close to home.

4. Look ready to meet someone. Don’t even go to the mailbox looking lousy.

Source: (02/09/2010)

Now I've got to move to a condo building quickly before this weekend - gameplan all laid out :) Wonder if this would also work for apartments? For those single readers of my blog what other ideas do you find that works? When I lived in Weymouth I found that being the handy guy also worked well to a point. - Scott -

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