Real Estate Talk with Scott Nelson - This weeks episode notes - power outages, oil heat & smoke detector laws

Sunday February 28, 2010 Show Notes:

This week we discussed several topics because my guest Neil Desmond couldn’t make the show time. He got tied up with a home inspection & it over ran the start time for the show. We’ll reschedule for 2 weeks from now.

I started out talking about Winter Power Outage Preparedness, I found a great article on the State of Massachusetts website:

They have a lot of great ideas on things to prepare for losing power during the wintertime, especially topical after last week’s snow, rain & high winds that caused 300,000 in New England to lose power.

Next I talked about a new law that takes effect on July 01, 2010 covering oil burning heating systems and homeowners insurance coverage for environmental damage from leaks or disaster. Here’s the link for that article:  . There are some very important details to the new law and anyone with an oil burning heating system or considering purchasing one should read, especially with the new requirement for insurance companies to provide coverage for leaks and environmental damage. When you look at the consequesnces this coverage could help cover a homeowner in the case of a leak and avert a life changing financial loss.

Finally I discussed the new smoke detector law that comes into effect on April 05, 2010 here in Massachusetts and how it now covers every home I can think of as well as detailing the differences in types of smoke detectors and their placement. Here’s the link to that one:  and here’s the link to the FAQ section: 

The show is available on at : as well as iTunes through the Diva Toolbox Radio Network.

Next week we discuss mortgages with Elisa Balboni of Mid-Island Mortgage. 5pm-6pm EST. Hope you'll tune in.

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