Renters Insurance & the recent 6 alarm fire in Malden, Massachusetts

Over the weekend there was a serious 6 alarm fire in Malden, Massachusetts on Pleasant Street. One item that's become an issue in a situation like this is renters/tenant insurance and coverage. I always advocate a renter get this coverage from the tales of former roomates that have had issues from tragic situations.

One great thing I have learned is that this coverage is not expensive. The benefit of having a policy makes total sense when you look at the consequesces of not having coverage. I'm not an insurance professional but I'm glad to have such great resources such as Betsy Lister of Lister Insurance here in Medford, Massachusetts to rely upon for education. She's a real authority when it comes to coverage and what is offered here. She adds the following:

Have you ever thought what you'd do if there was a major fire in your apartment? What if you lost EVERYTHING? How would you go about getting back on your feet?

With a tenants package policy, it would be possible! And it's not pricey for the coverage either!

A tenants package policy covers the content's of a renter's property, in other words, all their "STUFF" in their apartment and also includes liability, and loss of use. We also write the coverage with replacement cost, meaning that should there be a loss, you'd be able to get "new for old"; which is a nice provision!

Other benefits are that should there be a covered peril, such as fire, smoke, water damage, storm damage, etc., that renders the apartment uninhabitable to you, there's a provision that will give you funds to move out while the apartment's being fixed up, or you could use the funds to find another place to live!

Personal property is also covered away from home or in their vehicles, up to 10% of the limit chosen on the policy. Jewelry, watches and furs, fine arts, etc. are at a cap limit for theft, but we can "schedule" items which will cover them for "all risk and loses the deductible". An appraisal would have to be obtained to procure this coverage.

Renters' policies will cover all your clothing, pots, pans, draperies, area rugs, pictures, stereo, TV, computer, etc, and is short money for the coverage you're provided with.

Generally for a limit of $20,000 depending on where you live and the construction of the building and the age, the premium can fall in between  $180.00 to $280.00 a year!

I truly recommend this coverage for anybody who rents; and would be more than happy to provide you with a "FREE" no obligation quote!

Our agency was voted the "Best of the Best" in Medford, two years in a row; so we must be doing something right! Let us do something right for you!


Betsy E Lister
Lister Insurance Agency Inc. President
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Medford MA 02155

: 781-393-9330
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Website : :

I'm so glad to have such great professionals available to consult with on such important topics. It's something so often overlooked but makes a world of difference when a tragedy does occur. We're very lucky to have such great resources available to us locally. In real estate we have a saying that "under all is land" but over everything is insurance. At the very least it's absolutely worth consulting with an insurance professional to find out the benefits that this coverage can offer.

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