HUD Property Alert - 56 Eastern Ave. Woburn, MA 01801

Address: 56 EASTERN AVE, WOBURN MA 01801 (Middlesex county)
Price: $190,000
As-Is Value: $190,000
Appraisal Date: 12/24/09
Bed/Bath: 5/2.5
Rooms: 9
Units: 2
Sqft: 2,196
Year: 1950
LBP Disclosure: Click here to view the LBP Disclosure Addendum
Type: Detached
Financing: Insured with Repair Escrow (IE)
List Date: 01/08/10
List Type: New
Bid Deadline: 01/17/10 at 23:59:59
Priority: Owner Occupant
Property Condition: Click here to view the Property Condition Report
Status: Property Available for Bidding (Owner Occupant Priority)
Escrow Amount: $2,500
MORE INFORMATION: Only HUD registered Brokers can place a bid.
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