MLS-PIN New Search/Description Fields - Green Features

MLS-PIN ( ), the largest local MLS (multiple listing service) for New England just announced that there are new search fields/descriptions available for properties with "Green" Features. The announcement was posted to my agent MLS home page. The announcement reads:

"NEW! 10/21/2009 New Data Fields Available!
As promised, we are pleased to announce the first round of new data fields to the existing data types on our listing input forms. See the attached new data fields by property class for reference. Please note that anything in green denotes "Green" fields. For future reference, we have also attached a list of upcoming new data fields. We recommend that you do not print any listing input forms in bulk during the next several months, as we continue to phase into our next generation application. "

I'm really excited to see how this will assist buyers and sellers identify homes with "Green" features. In the past it was difficult to add all the specifics in the 500 character field for description and pass on the info on these features without having to compromise on another aspect of a property. I really look forward to these improvements, MLS-PIN really likes to be on the cutting edge.

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