Fall Home Maintenance - From the Roof to the Lawn

How to Seed a Lawn Step-by-Step Lawn Care This Old House - Introduction

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With Labor Day weekend behind us, thoughts turn to fall, the raking & buttoning up our homes in preparation for the winter & the holidays. Early fall is also a great time to repair those patches on your lawn from the summer & prepare it for next years growth. This Old House has some great links on how to identify lawn problems and what to do to remedy them. Click on the link above to be taken to this article.

4 to 6 hours
$350 to $400 per 1,000 square feet
Difficulty: Easy
Takes little actual skill, but the shoveling, rock removal, and raking might leave you popping the ibuprofen the next day

Other items to put on your to-do list over the next several weeks:

1. Prepare to tie up limbs & move some plants indoors that won't tolerate frost or snow and ice.
2. Send your snowblower out to get serviced now when the servicers are a bit less busy, rather than the day before the first big snowfall. A tune-up will make things start easier & safer.
3. Hang lights & decorations while the temperatures are easier to work in. Many roofing companies are more than glad to assist with these types of things.
4. Have your car battery checked as well as tires (a bit of prep saves a call to AAA on a cold morning).
5. Have your heating system checked, fireplace & chimney's cleaned also make sure to check the batteries in your smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.
6. Look for leaks in the roof, windows, doors - replace seals, missing shingles, broken glass or window panes that have lost their seal, install storm doors/windows if needed.
7. Paint & prep any exposed woodwork while days are still warm enough for the paint to set right.
8. Repoint any loose or missing brick/stonework.
9. Repair decks, stairs & walkways/driveways.
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