Cans for Cash Recycling Challenge - Medford, MA

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A really great idea in my own opinion (IMO), anything to help our environment is great and potentially raise some funds for our city - Scott


Commencing October 1st and for the whole month of October,
the Department of Public Works will be collecting aluminum beverage CANS down the DPW City Yard on James Street (off of Mystic Ave).

The Cans for Cash™ City Recycling Challenge is a national contest that rewards U.S. cities for recycling aluminum beverage CANS. The Challenge is sponsored by a partnership of The United States Conference of Mayor’s, Novelis Corporation, and Keep America Beautiful.

A $5,000-$15,000 award will be presented to the top four cities that collect the most recyclable aluminum beverage CANS between October 1-31, 2009.

FACT: Recycling aluminum beverage CANS reduces landfills and costs. Over 50 billion aluminum CANS are added to our landfills! Let’s divert and recycle!

Let’s go Medford! We CAN make a difference! Gather up your beverage CANS, take a ride to James Street and RECYCLE!!

I CAN! CAN You?!

Source: City of Medford, MA website
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