Medford Point of Interest - The Fannie Farmer Home Site

On my way home from work the other day I saw this marker on the corner of Paris St. & Salem St. (Rt. 60) here in Medford. It marks the Fannie Farmer Home Site. Medford has alot of historical significance and it's one of those things you might pass by hundreds of times and not even notice.

The Medford Historical Society was great to add alot of information to the marker, it reads;

"Fannie Merritt Farmer (1857 - 1915) lived in a duplex house which stood on this site until destroyed by fire in 1979. The Farmer family owned the house throughout her lifetime. Fannie moved to Medford as a child and attended Medford Public Schools and the Unitarian Church. At the age of 13 the readheaded student became paralyzed from the waist down and dropped out of Medford High School. She eventually recovered but always retained a limp. She was confined to a wheelchair the last seven years of her life. Fannie Farmer always considered Medford her home.

She graduated the Boston Cooking School in 1889 and became it's director in 1891. In 1896 she edited the wold famous "Boston Cooking School Cookbook". Otherwise known as the "Bride's Bible". In 1902 she opened "Miss Farmer's School of Cookery".

Called "The Mother of Level Measurement", she was most proud of her introduction into cooking of exact measurement.

After her death her heirs allowed Fannie Farmer's name to be associated with quality candies by the "Fanny Farmer Candy Shops, Inc" "

Sometime your driving down Salem St. Medford, stop by Artery Locks on the corner of Paris St. the marker is on the near corner.

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