Tufts Pool Medford 2009 To Open - Swimming Lessons Offered

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Tufts Pool 2009 Medford, MA - South Medford features a wonderful spa like public pool located at Tufts Park in Tufts Square Medford.

Another great benefit of living in Medford, open to all with passes, even those from out of town.

1. Tufts Pool, 449 Main St. in Medford, opens for the summer season on June 29

2. Open swim hours, family swim hours, and adult swim hours are available. Certified Lifeguards are on duty during all hours of operation

3. A Tufts Pool Photo ID is required to swim at the pool.

4. These Photo ID's are issued at the Pool on Main St. The cost for the ID is $20.00 per person. Anyone over 3 years of age must have the Photo ID. A family, all from the same address, that comes to the pool at the same time, will pay a maximum of $60.00. Pictures are taken at the pool at the time of sign up.

5. Starting on June 15, Photo ID Passes are available from 6 - 8:30 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at the Pool. Passes are also available on Saturday mornings from 10-12:30 AM. at the pool.

6. Swimming Lessons are available at the pool. There are two sessions on weekday mornings during the summer. Contact Mark Smith, Recreation Dept., at City Hall for details. Information and sign ups are available at the pool.

7. Parking is available on street or in back of the school, next door.

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